Simply identify yourself as a foreign tourist to the shop assistant, and request a Tax invoice for the goods you have purchased. A Tax invoice must contain all of the following information:

  • The words "Tax Invoice"
  • The seller's name and address
  • The seller's VAT registration number
  • Your name
  • The date of issue of the tax invoice
  • A tax invoice number
  • A full description of the goods purchased
  • The cost of goods excluding 15% VAT
  • The amount of VAT charged at the rate of 15%
  • The cost of goods including 15% VAT
  • A customs stamp indicating that the goods have been presented for inspection


  1. Only the person whose name appears on the invoice may claim the refund.
    Where the tax invoices are issued in both the husband and wife’s name eg. Mr. J and Mrs J Jones, the passport copies of both the husband and the wife should be submitted for VAT refund purposes. 
  2. To qualify for a VAT refund you must have purchased the goods during your stay in Namibia.  You are therefore requested to ensure that the date of the invoice falls within the period of your stay in Namibia.  If, for instance you arrived in Namibia on the 1st of June and departed on the 10th of June, all tax invoices submitted for VAT refund purposes must reflect a date between those two dates.  
  3. To qualify for a VAT refund the total VAT inclusive value of all purchases must exceed $N250.00
  4. If the goods are purchased in the name of the company or business, in addition to the documents required as specified above an authorising letter must be provided.
  5. An authorising letter should state the name of the appointed office of the company authorised to purchase goods and claim VAT on behalf of the company. The letter should also state the capacity of the appointed officer and the passport number of such appointed officer.


Inspections must be evidenced by an endorsement on the relevant tax invoice by a Namibian Customs official. You are required to fully complete a VAT 16 claim form, before you present your goods for inspection from Namibian Customs and Excise offices

Should you depart from Hosea Kutako International Airport, you must present your purchases as well as the relevant tax invoices to a Customs official for inspection before your luggage is checked in with the airline.

No Inspection No refund!

Should you depart from any other international airports, harbours or land border posts, you must present your purchases and the relevant tax invoices to a Namibian Customs official, together with a copy of your passport, NA 500 form and completed VAT 16 form.


On departure from Hosea Kutako International Airport, present your claim at the VAT refund office. Your refund will be made by various methods determined by the value of the claim and other factors. Payment methods include a voucher cashable at the  Bureau de Change at departure point. Alternatively you may receive the refund as a credit on your Visa or Mastercard credit card or bank transfer.

No refund will be made if the claim is not lodged before departure.